5ifth Wave started off as an idea from a son who was the youngest of 5 sibilings. Watching his family struggle he was the last hope...The last seed to take care of his loved ones. But growing up he started to realize how precious & short life was. Setting himself to the highest standards if he wasn't living his dreams...He wasn't happy. Hard to cherish moments because he wasn't close to where he wanted to be in life. He wasn't living his life to the fullest at that very moment. So everything he started to do was to fulfill his happiness & this was apart of his Pursuit Of Happiness. The things he went through shaped him to become the one who would lead other young visionaries who need guidance and a support system to chase and accomplish their destinies. But more importantly change the world. And that's what this world needs the most...CHANGE. And the only ones who can change the future of this world, is the young CREATIVE minds that we INSPIRE.